Snoop Dogg wants to walk Jon Jones to the Octagon to “kick Daniel Cormier's .....”

UFC Fighter Jon "Bones" Jones will return to the Octagon this Summer. Who his next fight will be, no one knows, but some are speculating, it might be the winner of last weekends fight, Daniel Cormier. He addressed the potential fight in an interview...

Champ, when you get back in the ring with that motherf*cker “DC” Cormier, I wanna walk you out while you kick his motherf*ckin’ ass,” Snoop says in the video.

Snoop must be a fan of "Bones", he told TMZ: 

"Skinny “Bones” Jones is the baddest motherf*cker to ever walk in the Octagon,” he said. “That’s my homeboy, and they’re gonna let him back in. Then they’re gonna make smoking weed legal in the UFC.” 

Source: BJPENN



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