Meet our City of Albuquerque's Pet of the Week-Walter is an 8 year young, male white & tan Long Haired Chihuahua.

Meet our Pet of the Week!

Walter is an 8 year young, male white & tan Long Haired Chihuahua weighing 13 pounds.  Walter is a lovable, quiet guy. His BFF’s describe him as a “boy diva”.

He enjoys greeting the ladies and has the most adorable expressive face.

He likes to sit in laps especially the higher advantage like a king on his throne. Walter’s trained his human friends well. He will take an easy walk on leash but if he can get a human to carry him…We figured this out so ignore the diva and just begin walking and Walter follows. Walter is looking for a calm quiet home. He needs to be treated gently as with any older pet. He’s looking for a mature home without children or grandchildren. He just wants to “be” with his person/people. He will follow you around the house, curl up next to you and enjoy quality petting and treats—yes he loves the finer treats. Walter has lost a few of his teeth, normal for an older dog. He needs softer kibble with just a tiny bit of tasty canned food. Adorable little Walter is ready to start a new life where he can be the center of attention. Stop by to say hello to sweet Walter at our Eastside shelter, 8920 Lomas Blvd NE.  He may be a little shy if his neighbors are noisy so ask to meet him in a nice calm place.  


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