I finally got my results for Ultrashape and am so happy with the results.

This is a very personal blog post, because it's something I feel I need to share with you guys. I have struggled with my body image ever since I can remember. To have the feeling of being confident coudl be the best feeling a woman can have. It's been a long journey and a very long road ( I'm still trying my best to love the body and the me that I am) 

But, you have probably hear me talk about Ultrashape on the radio right? Well, you guys... I finally got my results back since I have been doing Ultrashape. I lost inches and am so excited! Yes, it actually worked. Finally, swimsuit season doesn't seem that bad. 

Overall I eat pretty healthy. I work out, and couldn't seem to lose anything. My friend told me about Ultrashape and I am glad she did. I have my goal size pants that I wanted to wear, and am almost there. 

Ultrashape uses the power of Ultrasonic waves to minimize fat. I was skeptic ( like I always am) only because I have literally tried everything and here we are... the proof is how I feel and how I feel in my clothes. It's and exciting feeling. 

Set up your FREE consultation to ask all the questions I did with Dr. Ribner and his amazing team at Ultrashape. Call 505-232-1520 or go online to set it up at DrUltrashape.com




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