Meet Shadow, our City of Albuquerque's Pet of the Week! She has been in the shelter since November and is an artist. Check out her art!

Meet Shadow!  (ID# 1704550) is a 3 yr old, brownish/grey Australian Cattle dog mix weighing 33 pounds. She’s also an artist! She comes with her very own 5X7 piece of art she created with her own paws!

Shadow is a somewhat shy, fun loving, affectionate gal….a great smaller size too. Her friends think she looks like a little grizzly bear cub and we fondly call her little bear. She has an unusual gorgeous color and quite the personality.   Shadow has some spunk. She enjoys a few sprints around the yard but then she’s ready for a nice easy walk and then some loving. She likes to rest her paws & head in your lap receiving quality time from YOU. Yes, she’s a herding breed…her play can be a little mouthy and she may herd & chase you but settles quickly when you ask her to. Shadow offers gentle kisses and loves sweet talk. She enjoys taking daily walks but for some reason she’s a little sensitive when putting a leash over her head. Her friends her at AWD have learned how to do this so Shadow is comfortable with it.  A correct fitting collar & clip leash work well too. Shadow would like an adult family and she would like to meet any other dogs in the home prior to adoption. You will usually find Shadow calm & quietly resting in her bed. Shadow’s lovely and unique. She’ll be a great life long companion. Are you her perfect match?  Come to Albuquerque Animal Welfare’s Eastside shelter , 8920 Lomas Blvd NE to meet your bestie and devoted lifetime companion.       


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