Have you met Don Juan, our Pet of the Week?

Don Juan (ID# A 1759450) is a 3year old, male black Labrador Retriever mix weighing 52 pounds. He’s a handsome loving guy with a heart of gold. Don Juan lived out on the mesa for almost a year with lovely shepherd then fatherhood soon followed. Caring people in our community spent many months leaving food & water out, also trying to build enough trust to capture the canine family and aid an AWD officer to bring them to our shelter for health care and work on socialization. Don Juan is ready for his forever home were he will be a true loyal loving companion likely following you around the home; sleep at the foot of your bed (if not share it with you). Interestingly he and his lady friend really aren’t fond of each other now so he would like a home where he will receive all his family’s attention and be a happy spoiled boy now. He enjoys a few sprints around the yard then takes a nice easy walk on leash. Mayor Berry’s will have a story about Don Juan acknowledging the good citizens that cared for and were instrumental in saving Don Juan, his lady friend and puppies. You may meet and be interviewed as a possible adoptee for Don Juan’s adoption at our Eastside shelter, 8920 Lomas Blvd NE.


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