Meet our pet of the week,Chiquilino Siberian Husky mix.

Chiquilino (ID# A 1757000) is a 1 year & 1 month old, female black & tan Siberian Husky mix weighing 40 pounds. She’s a sensitive somewhat shy but   super sweet beauty. She’s young and her breed is an active one so this gal is looking for a parent with a more active lifestyle. Hiking, jogging or at least twice daily walks. She’d love to be your companion in the cool mornings and once the weather cools a bit you can catch those evening sunsets together. She’d do well with children over 10 and she’d like to meet any dogs presently in the home due to her shy side. She’d benefit from attending a training class to learn simple tricks. This is an easy way to boost confidence and what a great way to bond with your new BFF. She loves treats so she’ll be an attentive student in class. Chiquilino opens up to those that are sensitive to her needs and approach in friendly easy manner. Help her to slowly get accustomed to the big world and you will have a truly devoted very best friend for life.

Come on over to our Eastside shelter 8920 Lomas Blvd, NE to meet this very pretty young girl.  



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