Meet Cutie Pie, our Pet of the Week

Cutie Pie (ID# 1216842) is a 2 year old female, brindle & white American Pit Bull Terrier mix weighing 67 pounds. She’s a little on the shy side but a smart gal—she knows sit & down and loves her treat rewards. She’s also quite the talented artist! This week she used her very own paw to paint a beautiful piece of artwork that will be on exhibit during our upcoming “Adopt and Artist” adoption event on Saturday July 22ndand Sunday July 23rd. She and her artwork with go home with her adopter. Cutie Pie also participates in our Pit Bull Ambassador program where with the help of staff and volunteers she learns manners, leash skills and some tricks. Although shy (perhaps more so with guys) she’s pretty laid back and would dearly love a soft spot to curl up close to you or rest her head in your lap for an ear scratch and attention.  Give this sweet Cutie Pie a few minutes to get to know you then you will see her true sweet personality. Come on over to our Eastside shelter 8920 Lomas Blvd, NE to meet our artist and cute pittie. She’d like to be a lucky girl and go home with you a week early before the event. Lucky you too!  Be sure to ask for her artwork.


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