Meet Shags, Our Pet of the Week

Shags (ID# 1763507) is a 2 year old, male red & tan larger Border Terrier mix weighing 28 pounds. He is a fun loving fairly energetic cutie pie. Shags was a little shy when he came into our shelter mostly due to his noisier doggie neighbors. He enjoys taking walks on leash and would benefit from a little training to reign in his excitement. A few sprints around the play yard help burn some of that energy so common to the terrier breed. Shags enjoys receiving attention and being petted. He is family friendly with children over 6 and he’d like to meet any other dogs in the home prior to adoption just to make sure everybody is happy. Shags has a typical shaggy terrier coat that will require regular brushing. If this lovely face is speaking to your heart and you like some playful energy then come on in to the Eastside shelter, 8920 Lomas Blvd NE to meet Shags. Take him for a walk out to our large play yard where you all can get to know each other in a fun setting.

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