Check out our Pet of the Week 'Nelson' from the City of ABQ

Nelson (ID# A1765582) is a 6 year old male, tan & white smooth coated Chihuahuamix, tiny weighing only 6 pounds. Nelson has a lot packed into this tiny package. He’s fun loving, energetic, playful, affectionate and super cute. When you’re a tiny little guy much in the world is scary.

He’s looking for a mature home, couple or single person but one with NO scary children, grand children, nieces or nephews.  Nelson has personality plus! Even though he loves laps and will shower you with kisses he has a bit of energy and needs exercise. He enjoys taking walks and is good on leash. He also enjoys playing fetch with the small sized tennis balls.  He's so cute—just wait till you see him! Nelson has some play buddies here at the shelter so if you already have a little canine companion bring him/her to meet Nelson to make sure every body is happy. Nelson is eager to find his forever home and will bring so much joy to his person or family. Hurry in to the Eastside shelter, 8920 Lomas Blvd NE.


If larger dogs are your cup of tea then mark your calendar!

The month of October is Pit Bull Awarness month at Albuquerque Animal Welfare.

During the month of October we are offering free public microchip for Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes only. No appointment needed at the East Side Animal Shelter, 8920 Lomas Blvd. N.E., or the West Side Animal Shelter, 11800 Sunset Gardens S.W.

There are free training classes for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes each Saturday at Los Altos Park. The classes are quickly filling up. Go to to check the times and then call for availability in the class you choose.

Animal Welfare’s goal is to get resources to these dogs and the folks who love them. Understanding the breed of a Pit Bull is the first step to being a responsible pet owner. A well-trained Pit Bull can be an ambassador for his or her breed, showing the world that with a loving home and training, Pit Bulls can make wonderful pets. Education and responsible owners are critical in changing the perception of this breed. 

If you are looking to adopt a pit bull mix our staff and volunteers will be happy to help you find your perfect match. Just think about the time you have to devote to your new pet, what energy level you are looking for, what personality traits you are attracted to etc.


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