Meet Lulu, our Pet of the week

Lulu (ID# 1634573) is a 6 year old, female tricolor Australian shepherd mix weighing 55 pds. Lulu is a mellow super sweet family companion. She’s a great age too. Those wild puppies are not for everyone. Lulu knows you will appreciate her sweet disposition, laid back attitude and beauty. She loves, loves to be with people, take an easy walk, curl up at your feet, follow you around the house and be your very best friend in the whole world. Our staff says Lulu is family friendly. If you have any other companions Lulu would like to meet them first. Bring in your entire family. That’s the best way we can ensure everyone will be happy together. Lulu is a little stiff perhaps due to an old injury and may develop a little arthritis. Our vets suggest you speak to your vet to recommend a dog friendly anti-inflammatory if/when needed. This sweet beauty with a lovely profile picture is eager to meet you at our Eastside shelter 8920 Lomas Blvd NE.



Albuquerque Animal Welfare Taking First Come, First Served Reservations for Free Spay/Neuter for Cats


On Tuesday, February 27 and Wednesday, February 28, the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department will be taking reservations for up to 100 free spay/neuter surgeries for cats. Animal shelters commonly refer to spring time as “kitten season” because that is when shelters receive the largest influx of unwanted litters that are difficult to adopt. With warmer weather on the way, Albuquerque Animal Welfare is hoping to help residents prevent unwanted feline pregnancies.


The free spay/neuter surgeries will be offered to residents of Albuquerque only. Reservations will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Cats must weigh at least two pounds, and pet owners may make reservations for no more than two cats to undergo the free service. A total of 100 reservations will be available. Cat owners are reminded that they should not bring their cats when making a reservation. The dates listed below are for residents to make a reservation, not to perform the surgery.


When: Tuesday, February 27 and Wednesday, February 28, to make your reservation

Where: Eastside Shelter at the Clinic door on the north side. 8920 Lomas Blvd. NE

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., or until Animal Welfare reaches 100 reservations.

Albuquerque residents only and bring proof of residency



Albuquerque Animal Welfare reminds you to always spay or neuter your pets.


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