New Mexico Restaurant Serves The Best Waffles In The State

A plate of waffles with berries on peach background

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Waffles are delicious all around.

Enjoy them with fruits, powdered sugar, chicken or maple syrup. Whatever your preference is, the versatility of waffles as a meal is one that we can never get tired of. shares these feelings about the iconic breakfast food, creating a list of the best establishment in all 50 states that serves the best waffles:

"The first waffle iron was patented in 1869, changing the taste – and texture – of American breakfasts forever. Ever since then, waffles have continued to grow in popularity, becoming one of the country's favorite foods. Whether you prefer yours piled high with berries for breakfast or topped with crispy fried chicken and drizzled with honey, we've found the top-rated eateries for waffles across the US."

The eatery Tia B's La Waffleria in Albuquerque can be counted on to serve the absolute tastiest waffles in the state of New Mexico:

"Tia B’s La Waffleria allows you to build your own, choosing from waffle batter including blue corn, yellow corn masa, puff pastry, and buckwheat, before you pick from a list of savory and sweet toppings. Or choose from set options like The Elvis – a buttermilk waffle with bacon, peanut butter, and cream – and the Blue Lavender, which is a blue corn waffle with blueberry sauce, fresh blueberries, and lavender-laced whipped cream. A popular savory option is Salmon & Lox – a blue corn waffle with dill cream, red onions, arugula, tomato, and smoked salmon."

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