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Top 10 Most Misused Emojis

92% of people use emojis but it seems a lot of us, myself included, might be sending the wrong message. USA Today hooked up with TikTok comedian Ethan Blanko, known for his videos explaining what certain emojis mean to “parents and people over the age of 35,” to explain the top 10 most-misused emojis... How many of these are you getting wrong?

😭 Loudly Crying Face - This is guilty pleasure laughter or laughing at something you shouldn’t be laughing at.

🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing - “This does mean laughter but should only be used when trying to make someone mad, specifically when you are roasting someone,” Blanko explains.

🥵 Hot Face -This one means you’re physically attracted to someone.

😹 Cat With Tears of Joy - It’s ironic, sarcastic and “basically used to mock someone.”

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face - Seems innocent enough, but not according to Blanko, who says, “This is a death threat. If you get this, run.” But Emojipedia lists it as both positive, and patronizing, so it’s easily confused.

🙃 Upside Down Face - Apparently it’s the same as the Slightly Smiling Face, but even more passive-aggressive.

👍 Thumbs Up - Not a vote of approval, but a “rude, hostile or passive aggressive dismissal intended to permanently end the conversation.”

🚶Person Walking - “Use these for awkward situations,” Blanko says. “It's meant to signify leaving the room when situations get intensely uncomfortable.”

🎣 Fishing Pole - This one means fishing for compliments or validation.

🙏 Prayer Emoji - As its official name explains, these are praying hands, not a “high five.”

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