Sex Is Good For The Body And Brain

Here you go, another study that proves, something you love.... is good for you! Yay! ( The studies we enjoy reading about) ...People spend a crazy amount of time thinking about, pursuing, and actually having sex, so it’s good to know there are a lot of benefits that come along with getting it on. A lot of research has been done on the subject and these are some of the best boosts we get from sex, according to science.

  • Sex releases chemicals that ease pain - When you’re having sex, endorphins - the body’s natural painkillers - flood the body and brain. And for some people, sex can cure a headache.
  • Sex burns calories - Sure, it doesn’t use as many calories as spin class, but a study from the University of Montreal finds that during a 30-minute session, men burn an average of 101 calories and women burn 69.
  • It boosts your immune system - With cold and flu season right around the corner, you’ll want to know that one study shows those who had sex at least once a week had higher levels of a certain antibody that helps fight off illnesses.
  • Sex is good for the heart - The NHS reports that anything that works the heart is good for you, including sex. And on average, the peak heart rate during sex is about the same as walking up a flight of stairs.
  • It helps with stress - Getting it on not only releases feel-good chemicals in your brain, it also gives you a decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone. So it makes sense that research shows sex helps people relax.
  • Sex makes you feel healthier - According to one study, people who have an active sex life rate their general health higher than those not getting lucky. Being in love was also linked with those saying they were in “excellent” health instead of just “good” or “poor.”
  • It lowers your blood pressure - Lovebirds who embrace each other frequently are more likely to have lower blood pressure, according to one study.
  • Sex improves sleep - We talked about sex being exercise, so it makes sense we’d be tired after a romp, but the release of oxytocin - sometimes called the love hormone - also helps us feel sleepy in the afterglow.

Source: Insider

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