Here are my Decorated Christmas Trees and Their Meaning

I have 5 Christmas Trees, yes 5! I just adore Christmas and decorating, it's my thing... I look forward to it every year.  

 Pictures are 3 of my 5 tree's. I love themes, it helps me organize myself when setting the tone. The all white/bling and silver tree on the right is my main tree. I used leftover decorations from my wedding and I bought this tree from Craigslist for $15! Not bad. Every year, Someone gives me an ornament and I keep adding to it.  you can see strands of "bling" hanging down.... I had those in my wedding bouquet. Some of the ornaments are filled with "bling", those were part of my centerpieces from my wedding. 

The blue tree on the far left has an "ocean theme". Every trip my husband and I go on, we collect an ornament. You can tell we are fond of beaches and tropical places. To me, this tree has more of a sentimental value because it represents memories. It's also a reminder to "relax" during this chaotic time of year. I plan on working more on this tree this year. The topper is a star fish instead of a basic star. 

The tree in the middle is more of a creative tree. It has a peacock theme. Purple, blue and green are colors I chose to stack onto each other. I am not sure what it is about peacocks that I find fascinating, but I do. I started collecting peacock ornaments and it just kind of accumulated, so of course I had to do a tree. 

The 4th full size tree not pictured is more of a personal tree and a representation of my husband and I. Everything we love is just kind of cluttered on there. There really is not a theme, but more of what a Christmas tree should be. Things and ornaments we collected as a couple over the years... memories from our pets and each other.  I let my husband take charge of that tree. He has added bullet lights and half eaten candy canes...also it's filled with sloths. There is something about sloths we both love. 

The last tree is a tree I decorate for my husband. He is a firefighter and it's more of a tree to honor and respect his career as I understand he puts his life on the line every time he goes to work as a first responder. It's filled with fire trucks, firemen, hoses, fire hydrants...etc. We also collect fire stations city villages.  

Janae Martinez

Janae Martinez

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