Make Your Bedroom Sexier By Doing This

Sexual feng shui is a real thing and according toDr. Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist and former interior designer, this is how to make your bedroom more inviting.

Here are some tips on getting your bedroom to be a little bit sexier.

  • Make your bed a sexual oasis- This is probably where you’ll be having all the sex, so start here. Michael says the one thing to invest in is really good sheets, specifically a set made from a breathable material, like cotton or linen. Add in some pops of warm color with bedding and throw pillows and put nightstands on either side of the bed to keep a balance of power in the room and to give you a place to stash your sexy supplies.
  • Set the mood with lighting- Everyone’s different when it comes to doing it with the lights on and how much light you want to have sex in is totally up to you. But if you’re trying to soften up harsh lamp lighting, Michael suggests tossing a cloth over it, just make sure it doesn’t burn - fire isn’t romantic. But candles give off a soft glow and set a romantic mood, too.
  • Marie Kondo Your Way To Great Sex- Michael says the most common thing she helps couples with is decluttering their bedrooms. Time to find a new home for the pet supplies, kid gear, work stuff, and technology because seeing that clutter can be “visually stressful”- which doesn’t help get anyone in the mood. A big chest at the foot of the bed can be a quick fix for storing all that clutter.
  • Decorate the room with stuff you actually like- If you cohabitate, decorate as a couple and pick paintings, knick knacks and things you both like so the shared space reflects both of you. One thing to avoid though? Michael says accent walls are a no-no because the focal point of your bedroom - your sexy boudoir - should be your bed.

Janae Martinez

Janae Martinez

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